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You've arrived here out of curiosity or need - either way, you should know PAQUA was born out of my own experiences in, on and out of the water. Welcome to my world!

Born on the shores of Sydney's Bondi Beach, PAQUA was developed with the cross-over sports person in mind.

Picture this - you're lying on the beach, your phone, wallet and keys sit in a bag beside you. You're on your own - you want to go for a ride, run, swim or a surf…

Do you:
Leave your stuff in your bag? Not a great idea.
Bury your stuff in the sand? Not a great idea.
Get Joe Blow behind you to keep an eye out? Not a great idea.

Or do you:
Grab your PAQUA, throw your goods inside, and get goin!!

PAQUA - designed to go where you go.
For any sport or activity where you or your valuables could get wet, or stolen if not kept close to you. Using the highest quality, salt-water and UV-resistant materials, you'd be hard-pressed to do more to your PAQUA than my mates and I!!

We've tested it, stomped on it, bumped and thumped it, thrown it, dunked it - the only way you'll know it's as good as we know it is, is to give it a try.

Not sure - put your el-cheapo sunscreen tube inside and see if it keeps dry - so simple, so good, so dry… So PAQUA!!

We are currently developing new products to add to the PAQUA range - please click on the "newsletter" section to ensure you receive the latest updates.

Don't take our word for it.
Get out there, and give it a go - you'll be glad you did.

Paul Trachtenberg
PAQUA Australia

Keep your goods dry wherever you are.

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